Black Girls Be Sangin: Amel Larrieux’s If I Were a Bell

Amel Larrieux has such a beautiful voice and this song is so seductive and chill, it just makes me want to rub my cheek on my shoulder (I was a cat in a past life, dont judge me!) Hope you enjoy it! What are some of your favorite songs?


Black Girls Be Trying to Lighten the Mood… with Wine

Ok ok ok I know I got really mushy on the last post. And if you are a punk like me you are trying to figure out what to do with all those fuzzy things in your chest.  And the answer is pour yourself a glass of wine, or 3, and watch this:

Now if you didnt even find that mildly amusing I want you to exit out of this browser, erase all the cookies and history and pretend as if you dont know that this blog exists because you are an alien life form and you already know too much about my life.  Please dont anally probe me.

Black Girls Be Wanting to Be Mrs. Black Girl

I dont do this often but I was out with a bunch of really great young women.  And when a bunch of young professional single women get together what do they talk about? Marriage!! So they brought up these two Youtube videos and they just… You have to watch. These two videos have me verklempt and I am trying to share the emotional misery. 🙂


Musical Theatre + Wedding = LOVE! And if that wasnt enough to get you all weepy check this one!

I know Im only almost 23 but this makes me want to go white dress shopping. So #FutureHusband Im prayerfully waiting….