Black Girls be Crushing

Ok so Im about to tell yall something that I havent told anyone other than my mama and my two best friends… and 2 coworkers… and ALL MY TWITTER FOLLOWERS!!! Ok I have told anyone who will listen. Maybe I subliminally want the word to get out.  But I have a crush and I feel like a 12 year old girl with a playground crush. Got me wanting to send a note like:

But Im “grown” now cant be doing that right? Right!!?!?

No really thats a serious question. #PleaseRespond Seriously.

He’s a really nice church-goin, God-lovin Brother. Dark skinned with a nice smile and dimples. DIMPLES!!!

Lets pause for a moment as I talk about the power of a well placed set of dimples.  Dimples are the work of the devil.  A man with dimples can smile and get away with anything.  A man with a dimple can go out and tie up 2 baby kittens and 3 baby koalas in a burlap sack and toss them into a lion’s den while singing the Barney song and all he has to do is smile and all is forgiven.  Exhibit #1:

No I do not know this man. If I did do you think I’d be blogging right now? Didnt think so!

I rest my case.  But I digress…

My object of crushingdom is just really nice and he’s my type and he’s been paying me just enough attention to make me wonder if he’s interested in me but not enough for me to feel comfortable being forward.  For instance, he found me on Facebook. Thats 1. Then he asked me about my sorority (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, IIIIINNNNNNCorporated :-)). Which means he was checking said Facebook page. That should count for about 3 points right?  But because I over think things and have a VERY active imagination I could be making all this up and he’s just being nice to a fellow child of God.  But mama noticed it too… and my mama dont lie.  You see I have a history of making the first move as soon as someone pays me a little attention. Im impatient. I can admit that. But Im at a place in my life where I want a confident man that wants me enough to put himself out there. So I wait….

But until then I will be just another Black girl crushin and blushin…


Update: Clearly when Black Girls blush & crush that leaves no time to proofread.  Please excuse those typos.  And last night thanks to my good friend Malibu Rum I sent him a Facebook message. It was light but still I gave in.  What can I say, Black Girls be impatient yo… 🙂