Black Girls Be Waxing Poetic: Classic

I knew from the moment

You traced your slightly calloused fingers

Across my brown leather bound cover

I was to be your lover.

It was the delicate way

You turned my thick pages

And annotated my difficulties for further understanding.

You knew I held secrets,

My lineage musky, the color of sun dried tears and watermarks.

Crackin my spine for the first time

You had me open.


Laid out flat and ready to spill.

I became your morning cock crow

And your evening delight

Craning to every crevice

Where you had just enough light

To pursue and that you did

Trivial at first

Until I wrapped my wickedly worded web

Intricately up in and through

Your innermost intimate inclusions.

Innocently concocted a mixture

Sure to create an addiction to my diction.

Sexually satisfying your sinful sensations with my syntax

Titillating the tip of your… tongue

Through my tall tales.

And now that I have you where I want you,

A thick-rimmed fiend grasping at the last light

Begging for just one more line

Let me tell you:

If you be my Teacake

I will lactate love

Thick and sweet like cheesecake

Ripened with perfection

Craved. A rich indulgence.

Rome my jeweled Capulet

With reckless abandon

And youthful disregard

My apothecary prowess

Will hide you from all harm.

Trace back my Roots

You will find

That this story has

No beginning and no end

Just a cycle of us

Finding Life is Choice and Love is Truth

Then mark me brazen

A lightning bolt across a starless sky

So all who see me know

I belong to a boy who loved and lived.

And when the end of our tale draws nigh

You will know me without

The opening of an eye.

Myths, fables and stories

Made, Bought and Sold

But a Classic love

Is the Greatest story never told.