Black Girls Be Witches

Before you recoil in fear like:

This girl dont lost her natural Black mind!

This girl done lost her natural Black mind!

Let me lay out a story for you.

A few weeks ago, my mother was sitting at her sewing machine at 1am, making “slave skirts” for our production, Escape to Freedom. As I watched her hunch over the machine and heard the mechanical rattle, this exchange happened:

Me: Mom, you believe that God lives in you, right?

Mom: Yes, Monet.

Me: And you believe that God has the power to do amazing things, even miracles, through you. Right?

Mom: Yes, Monet.

Me: Than wouldn’t you consider yourself a witch? A woman with magic?


Mom: I guess so.


Ok maybe my mom wasn’t completely sold but I am! I am ready to claim the title of WITCH. Though it may be defined as a woman with “evil magic powers” I believe that creating the word “witch” and then demonizing those they considered fit the description was a way for society to demonize the inherent power of women. A power that they didn’t understand nor could they control. And then by making violent examples of those who continued to honor their spirit and follow the practices that fed them, other women were frightened out of their curiosities and natural propensities.

Well today I am claiming my inner witch.

Now for anyone reading this, particularly my Mama, I will not be praising a Dark Lord or checking out books on the Occult at the Durham Public Library. I am, and will always be a child of God because God is Love and I am a child of Love. And I believe in the power of love. The power of positive thoughts. The power of affirmations. I believe that Nature can heal us of all our maladies. I believe in the power of deep belly laughter and long hugs. I believe my body knows what’s best for my body. I believe in the power of the moon at all phases. I believe in the power of menses. I believe in the power of community. I believe that nothing is an accident. I believe in the power of women and the men who truly love themUSme.

I know I am magic and am forged by magic and I make magic

because Love is the greatest of all magic so it is mathematically so. 

So I’m a witch. Cuz I said so. No broom required. But I might need a Swiffer.

Never mind. I cleaned it up.


Cover Image by Tumblr User Mariannewiththesteadyhands