Black Girls Be Having Something to Say

So it’s been almost a year since my last post and I wont apologize but I will say that I am glad to be back. And I am blowing the dust of this here blog for a reason. I’ve been annoyed, upset, angry for no damn a reason and I have finally figured out what that reason is. I am a deer in a 2-piece Blaze Orange jumpsuit, my pussy shoots out missiles and its open season.

Yes. You read that correctly. Read it again if you have to. Mattafact, I’ll write it again to make it easier. I am a deer in a 2-piece Blaze Orange jumpsuit, my pussy shoots out missiles and its open season. You see, I have spent lots of quiet time thinking about Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride and Jonathon Ferrell. I am working to understand the systems that be and how we all work within them. I understand terms like ‘respectability politics’ and I have read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink. And I am actively resisting the idea that White folks are just mean. So the only logical explanation is that I, and all the other Black folks in America, are deer and we just didn’t know it.

Now, I have uncles who hunt. Last Thanksgiving, deer stew was an item on the menu. But I do not believe in it. They rationalize by saying that there are too many deer and that if folks don’t go out and kill them they will absolutely take over. Which my brain understands… sorta. What my brain doesn’t understand is why in the history of the world there was never a deer takeover before sport hunting became a necessity. I don’t know. Maybe there’s more to it.

When I think about their logic, which infers a fear of the Deer Takeover, all I can think about is the fear of White men. The Census has already told them that by 2050 this country will be more Colored than it will be White! Can you imagine the fear that it must have instilled in their hearts when they imagined a world where all these colored folks will be walking around wearing baggy clothes, ringing their door bells and bedding their daughter!?!?! Is there any question that they have been grabbing their weapons at record speed?

So now its open season on Black folks. But unlike the deer with its flexible ears and eyes with 310 degree view, we are ill equipped to survive this poaching. We continue to work, laugh, drive, walk and live all out in public as if there isn’t a sniper’s laser pointed in the middle of our foreheads. We must learn from our fellow marked creature, the deer, and learn how to camouflage in all environments.  No more blonde streaks in our hair as it catches the sunlight and gives away your position. Those shoes that click and make you feel powerful as you pump down the street? No, you need soft soled flats that will silence every step that you take.  And your children, put them in a dog costume until they are at least 30. They will command more respect and have more protection under the law that way.  Eventually we will graduate to chameleon status and live our entire lives like this;

They can’t shoot you if they can’t see you.

The fear of black skin isn’t going to change and the thought to shoot several times, reload, shoot more and then say you were scared doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So this is our only hope. Our survival depends on it.