Black Girls Be Winning Grammys

Did you watch the Grammys  last night? I didnt but I twatched it (watched it via the plethora of tweets).  I promise this will not be another post about Kelly’s dress, Frank’s singing (or lackthereof) or Katy’s boobs.

…. ok I will talk about Katy’s boobs for a quick moment.  Women have breasts.  Breasts of all shapes and sizes.  I just find it really interesting how people talk about boobs.  Folks really think they have the right to say when boobs should and should not be displayed and how and how much.  When they think it looks good or doesnt ruffle their sensibilities, they accept it.  But if someone is exposing themselves as they see fit and outsiders dont agree they have so much to say.  I have a lot to say about boobs but I’ll leave that for another post.

The Grammys that I was most interested in weren’t even being televised so I am very pleased to announce that Esperanza Spalding and Robert Glasper took home Grammys last night!  Esperanza won her second and third Grammys for Best Jazz Vocal Album (Radio Music Society) and Best Instrumental Accompanying Vocalists (“City of Roses”).  If you didnt know, she received her first Grammy in 2011 for Best New Artist beating out the Biebster.

And, in my humble opinion, one of the best albums of the year, Black Radio by Robert Glasper Experiment won Best R&B album.

But why is this so exciting to this broke lil Black girl who will not prosper not nary a bit by these awards? Well first off Esperanza is the latter day saint of New Age Naturals.

I mean just look at her! She is serving Diana Ross realness for the GAWDS!

I mean just look at her! She is serving Diana Ross realness for the GAWDS! Photo Credit

She is a prodigy and her music is awesome.  I am glad that I get the opportunity to experience her artistry.

And oh Robert…

He's the one in the middle. Yup.

He’s the one in the middle. Yup. Photo Credit

First off, he’s my kinda fine (Remember that post? No? Refresh your memory here.).  Second awf, his album rocks! And third off, he lives for his team! He really crafted an album with all these people that he likes and respects.  That album is full of art and love and fun and that can be felt in every song.

But I am especially excited about these wins because one of my first few posts, Black Girls Be Listening to New Music and Getting Sentimental: Gregory Porter’s Be Good were about these artists which means that this Black Girl’s got taste!! Two out of the three artists in that post got Grammys last night and Gregory Porter… well…

So yeah… the biggest winner could be Gregory Porter.  Call me boo.

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