Black Girls Be Rambling

This post will have no rhyme or reason. No beginning nor an end. Im just in a ramble and say whatever kinda mood.

Ever feel so close to your destiny that ever time you turn a corner you expect it to be standing there with open arms and a warm smile? Well that’s how I feel. I feel like that man, that job, that big thing is right there. But I keep chasing pavement and turning corners and to no avail.

Im not hopeless, in fact Im full of hope. Overflowing with hope. I guess Im just ready for what’s next. Whatever that is…

Will I even know what to do once I get it? Probably not. But I’ll try.

This is a horrible comeback post and I would apologize but I’ve decided to stop apologizing for things that I am not really sorry for.  And I am not sorry.  I have been living and working two jobs and being a puppeteer so yeah… no Im not sorry.

But Im glad to be back.


5 thoughts on “Black Girls Be Rambling

  1. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Are the things you’re doing pointing you in that direction? These are a couple of questions to ask.

    • Professionally I am moving in the right direction. But I dont know what I need to be doing to get what I want from my love life. Or maybe the simple fact that I think that I should be doing something is what makes me feel like Im lacking. I know good things come to those who wait and all that jazz. I just think Im a good person and a good woman and Im ready.

  2. I too am overflowing with hope, positivity and happiness- most of the time. But I learned the secret to creating your dreamlife- it’s recognizing the moments in your day that are pulling to something, someone who puts you on another path until you realize, you’ve arrived. Pay attention. I’m about to start a Movement. Glad I found your blog, not by accident.

      • Oh no never give up that perfectly crafted future! The fastest way to get to your amazing Dreamlife is to visit it often in your mind, trust me. The more you visualize every detail about it- the more you will recognize the signs in your life leading you to your future. Remember, everything that was ever created- EVER, started as a thought in someone’s mind.

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