Black Girls Be Rambling

This post will have no rhyme or reason. No beginning nor an end. Im just in a ramble and say whatever kinda mood.

Ever feel so close to your destiny that ever time you turn a corner you expect it to be standing there with open arms and a warm smile? Well that’s how I feel. I feel like that man, that job, that big thing is right there. But I keep chasing pavement and turning corners and to no avail.

Im not hopeless, in fact Im full of hope. Overflowing with hope. I guess Im just ready for what’s next. Whatever that is…

Will I even know what to do once I get it? Probably not. But I’ll try.

This is a horrible comeback post and I would apologize but I’ve decided to stop apologizing for things that I am not really sorry for.  And I am not sorry.  I have been living and working two jobs and being a puppeteer so yeah… no Im not sorry.

But Im glad to be back.