Black Girls be defining their “Fine”

One fine morning my Best Friend sent me a pic that looked like this:


Followed by a pic that looked like this:


By now I was WIDE awake wondering who were these men and where could I get me one.  She tells me that they are from this Facebook fan page called “Dam He Fine!” and practically begs me to join (Ok she didnt beg me but when faced with photos like that how much more coercion does one need?).

So I followed the page and every day my Facebook feed was enhanced by pictures of greased up abs and chiseled jaws.  At first I was like a crowd at a firework show Oohin and Aahin like I had never seen a man before. But there is only so much salivating and head turning one woman can do before she wants more. More? What is more than buns of steel, deep brooding eyes and perfectly aligned teeth?

Everything.  When I am attracted to a man, like really attracted, it isnt because of his hip to shoulder ration or the fact that he can crack a walnut with his butt cheeks.  Although…. No but really I like a man who commands good attention when he walks into a room.  Serves the community. Loves to teach and learn.  Invested in his family, present and future.  Ambitious, yet humble.  With a sense of humor and adventure.  If I had a “Dam He Fine” page (but my page would be “Damn He’s Fine” because there is an N on the end of damn.  They must have been to excited to notice) would be filled with teachers, college students, civic leaders, writers, artists.  They would be real men, doing real things.  That’s “fine” to me.

Now this is what Im talking about.

6 thoughts on “Black Girls be defining their “Fine”

    • I dont know him but you can’t have him. And maybe I should have added an addendum stating that Idris is the exception to the rule. Him and Andre 3000…. *salivates* There is a Gawd!

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