Black Girls Dont Be Wanting to Be Kim K

Today Kanye tweeted about his new song “Perfect Bitch,” which is about his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian and then he posted that picture with the caption “MERCY!” *Sigh*

Now being that Kim K and Kanye have become media whores I wouldn’t put it past them that she thought it was cute that he wrote a song about her and used the crassness of the title as promotion. I mean Im blogging about it aint I? But I wonder if there’s a part of Kimberly that wishes that the man that “loves” her wouldnt use her for publicity.

Kimberly is bad, in that racially ambiguous, long hair, light skin kind of way.  She has all the best parts of a Black woman, socially acceptable and long hair of a white woman and the money of an old white man.  What isn’t to love? Wait… I dont know Kimberly personally and she may be a very nice person but she seems so… kept.  Like Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, she always looks fragile and managed.  Like she has never laughed or cried if it wasnt for public fodder and a fat check.  She is no longer a person, she is a brand and every step she takes affects the livelihoods of hundreds of people. (Yes hundreds, if you think about the people that work for her shows, her management companies, her family, her Shoedazzle company and whatever other enterprises she has. Hundreds.)

I, on the other hand, will never be bad.  And I am ok with that.  I am short, thick and brown with natural hair and my skin goes from caramel complected to rich cocoa with red undertones depending on the season.  I throw my head back and make ungodly noises when I laugh and I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I do what makes me happy without apology.  And when I am in a relationship I hardly ever feel like an accessory.

Kimberly is a trophy.  There have been so many song lyrics and pop culture references made about her that she is no longer herself.  She is a symbol, a walking allegory of status and wealth and racial and sexual politics.  So that is why that photo is so telling; a faceless woman with long hair, ample behind and her back exposed and his very expensive and very exclusive car.  His possessions, limited edition commodities that he has.  Look at me yall, dont you want what I got?

And the answer is, I dont.

2 thoughts on “Black Girls Dont Be Wanting to Be Kim K

  1. Kanye West has never gone out of his way to date black women. I don’t think it should be taken as a big deal.

    In this case, she’s the “perfect b” and a lot of the web is talking about them – it could be just publicity or it could also be genuine.

    However, I do understand your sentiments

    • I wish I could but I dont take Kanye West’s personal life or choices seriously anymore. He’s been wandering ever since his mom passed. I’ve never been through that so all I can do is hope he finds his way. Woman to woman, I just wonder what Kim feels deep down under her Prada blouse.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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