Black Girls Be Sad

Today was Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day or National Same-Sex Kissing in Chick-Fil-A Day or Wednesday, however you want to look at it. Today as I walked to collect the mail from the post office, the streets of downtown Raleigh were blocked off to ensure the safety of one very important woman, Mrs. Michelle Obama. And that fact made this normally Blue Black Girl a Proud Black Girl.

Nevertheless, here was this woman who had the power to stop traffic, literally, & not because she had a little something something to her backside & was pedestrian eye candy. No. This Black woman is getting police escort & blockades as she travels, supporting her Black husband in his attempt to be re-elected as the President of this country. I went back to my office thinking one day I will meet here & we will be friends. Ok maybe that’s a little fantastic but a Black Girl can dream right?

So I get home & I see this:


And all that sweet dark chocolate love I had in my heart melted in my hand & not in my mouth. I just wanted to quit. Wanted to zip out of my skin like the slave workers in The Wiz and walk away. But for why?

There are so many things wrong. First of all, Chick-Fil-A is still fast food and is not good for you by any means. So for a community that is plagued with high blood pressure & high cholesterol to wave their fried food flag is just…

Second, Black folks should be the last ones to discriminate against another group. How short is our memory? How quick we’ve forgotten! Maybe we need to look at that firehose picture again or maybe we should all get bitten by an attack dog so we’ll have a point of reference. But that was us not even 50 years ago. So how dare… Ugh…

But this is my biggest problem, they are holding up their politically poly saturated sandwich in a sanctuary. Of a church. Which is supposed to be the house of God….

As a Black woman I have always struggled with being a Christian & knowing that I practice a religion that was forced on my ancestors. Every February I would ask my mother Why? How? But I never got an answer. In the last year I have rekindled my relationship with God & this is what I learned. God is Love. God is everywhere that love abounds & resides in everyone that lives in Love. It’s simple. And as a child of God I have the simple yet sometimes difficult task of finding the God in the people I meet & loving it fiercely. There are no exceptions & no buts. God sent his Son to give us one decree, “Love one another.” He did not say Love one Another except the gays or Love one another accept the illegal immigrants. No he stated it plainly, completely & did not leave anything or anyone out. And then He died for it, so we knew it was real.

I really don’t know what to do or say or feel from here, so I write. I really am the Blue Black Girl with a heavy heart. And I’m disappointed. So disappointed. We should know better. And as Dr. Angelou says, “When you know better you do better.” All I know is love so that is what I must do.


2 thoughts on “Black Girls Be Sad

  1. I am called to love everyone but not to love or encourage the sin. I don’t have to be hurtful with the words I say but silence is consent. I feel supporting family values is our right. I don’t think anyone imagined that the community as a whole would rally in this way in response to people saying they would not support/allow expansion of the chain. This is a Christian business and God’s Word that this congregation was supporting. (I haven’t read anything that says homosexuals weren’t allowed at the chain .) Who knows if they ate it in the sanctuary or etc. They could have taken the photo outside the church but then we’re so stuck.on.details that the message is lost.
    Continue to focus on building an intimate relationship with the Father, study His Word to clearly recognize what He calls us to do vs what we believe or hear is religion. If you allow Him, He will reveal Himself to you not as a forced God but the only God. He wants us to align ourselves with Him..His will. If believers are wavering, what hope is there for the world? Im done with my novel! He just gives me so much joy

    • I hear you sister. I am trying to grow in my relationship with God every day. I have no independent wisdom & I fail daily. But I know one thing for sure. God is love and if I want to live a life in Him I must live a life of love. So whether it’s deciding whether or not to cut someone off in traffic, or whether or not to give someone my last or whether to support an organization that supports hateful, discriminatory tactics I MUST choose love. 🙂

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