Black Girls Be Having Long Days that feel like 3 days

Every once in a while I have a day that is so jam packed that I feel like Steve Martin in “The Jerk.”  You know that scene where he and Bernadette Peters are laying the bed and he’s saying how it feels like they been together for 3 months because the first day felt like 5 days and the second day felt like 3 days and the third day felt like one day because she went to her mother’s. (Yeah those aren’t the words at all but if you are a fan of the film you understand what I mean.)

Well yesterday was one of those days for me! It started around 8:30am. Got up, worked out with my mom, she got her Tax  ID number (yeah we are starting a business selling accessories, scarves and select apparel in North Carolina. Its called MODE Boutique. MODE stands for Marketing Our Differences Exceptionally and its “Where Culture and Couture Collide” :-)) So we hopped on the train to the city and went to the fashion district to buy some goods to sell.  It was so much fun! Buying lots and lots of earring and necklaces and also seeing jewelry that they are selling in major stores $6 for a dozen. Mark up is SO REAL! But hey, its supply and demand and if folks are willing to pay I am more than willing to sell.

So we did all that but we had to be back around 4ish because my friend Kevin is participating the 48 hour film festival and I was providing transportation because my mom has a van.  We got home, I scarfed down a meal and rushed back out the door. Part two of my day had begun!

I get to Queens to pick up two crew members and the equipment and we make our way to our next destination.  The film location was in Brooklyn and I thought that was where we were going. But Kevin pulled a fast one on me and had me driving to midtown Manhattan during rush hour to meet him!

SIDE NOTE: I can be a slave to my craft.  If I really want to do something I will do whatever it takes to make it happen even drive a 7 passenger van to midtown Manhattan during rush hour.  What can I say, I believe in the arts!

Now please note I picked up the crew at around 5:30. I didnt get home until about 5:45.  That is 12 straight hours of movie making magic! And yes we shot the entire film in one night!

Expect another post to tell you about THAT experience.

But because I started with a “The Jerk” reference, Im gonna leave yall with this. Because now Im at work, tired and Black Girls be random.

What's your blues?

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