Black Girls Be Waxing Poetic: Something Borrowed

Im a writer. Really who isnt?  But I feel like I have been neglecting my gift and since this is my blog, my world and I can have it my way I am gonna start posting poems, short stories, maybe even some scenes on here.  Feel free to give me feedback, mattafact PLEASE give me feedback. Tell me what you think!  Ok here goes:


I bought them.

The shoes. The dress. The fantasy.

Bought into the idea that my sometime something love would turn into always something great.

Didnt want to punish you for your fate. Your fruitless loveless last was in your oh so distant past.

So I chanced it.

Gambled and rolled my dice around in your den.

Until I couldnt tell yours from mine and mine from mind

As line by line your tales tumbled from betwixt my lips.

I slipped.

I tripped.

Hell, I dove headfirst into your arms without an exit strategy nor an end in sight.

Because this would last forever.

Two corpse hands clasped eternal.

Two sovereign souls dancing in the wind.

With you I wanted to grow into something old.

Add you plus me and make something new.

But you were my something borrowed.

And my something borrowed made me something blue.


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