Black Girls Be Needing to Proofread

So I have been getting a few more likes for different posts I have written to which I must say thank you guys. You Like Me You Really Like Me!! lol But as I go back and read the posts, I am floored at the amount of typos.  Im the type who will delete an entire tweet for a typo so Im almost embarrassed. But hey thats what the edit button is for right. And Im new to this whole blogging experience so please forgive me.  I am going to do better in the future. Its just that once I get a post out of my head and onto the screen I want to hit Publish before I have a chance to second guess myself. But that is still no excuse.  Black girls gotta do better.  Because as Dr. Angelou said “When you know better you do better”. (Still dont know where to put the period when using quotes though)

But let me make one thing clear, I refuse to use the apostrophe in contractions. I feel like its a waste. So there. lol

What's your blues?

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